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Pandora's Box Tribute Band
Pandora's Box Tribute Band


Aerosmith Tribute Band

"You guys were incredible! I bet Aerosmith themselves wish they could have given that performance Saturday"

- Pandora's Box Fan: Lewis Mac -


The music of Aerosmith has all the ingredients to make any event successful & one to remember. It brings back memories with their catchy hooks & sing-a-long melodies. With 50 years of multi-platinum selling mega hits starting with vinyl album -era releases like "Dream On" (1973) , "Sweet Emotion" &

"Walk This Way" (1975), to MTV era- cassette tape & Cd releases of "Dude Looks Like A Lady" ,"Rag Doll", & "Love In An Elevator" (late 80's).The band penned a string of more chartbusters in the 90's and pinnacled with their first number 1 single ever in 1998 with "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing". You don't

have to wait very long to hear one of your favorite songs at a Pandora's Box show!

In 2015, Atlanta based singer-front man Nathan Utz & guitarist Steve Taylor decided to form Pandora's Box Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute not only due to their fondness of the band's music, but also because Nathan has an uncanny resemblance to Steven Tyler & very similar vocal qualities. Steve & Nathan tell a

story about walking across a parking lot once & 3 college age young men approached Nathan for an autograph, thinking he was Steven Tyler! It became apparent in the first year of Pandora's Box playing shows that it was quickly taking on a momentum & energy of it's own, playing sell out shows all over the Southeast, up & down the East Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. In 2018 Pandora's Box became Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's top requested headline feature act, which took them international!

On lead vocals- Nathan Utz (aka Steven Tyler) has an extensive performance career going back to 1990 he fronted the melodic rock band "Blonz" (Sony Records) self titled release 1990 along with Pandora's Box guitarist Steve Taylor. Nathan has performed & toured all over the world as vocalist with

George Lynch (Dokken fame), Static X, and his own original band" Resist & Bite" featuring Tommy Skeoch formerly of Tesla.

Guitarist- Steve Taylor (aka Joe Perry) holds down stage left. Steve graduated from Musicians Institute

of Hollywood, Ca & moved back to Atlanta & went on to co-found the rock band" Blonz"(Sony Records 1990) with Nathan Utz. Since then Steve has played all over the world with various bands, toured with Country artist Bill Gentry as lead guitarist/musical director, has played as session musician on Lynard Skynard acoustic release of "Down South Jukin". Steve delivers a very entertaining & believable performance as Joe Perry.

Drummer- Gary Stone ( aka Joey Cramer ) has been an in demand working drummer in Atlanta for several decades & being a multi- instrumentalist, can sub for other positions in Pandora's Box as well!

Guitarist- Timothy Cabe (aka Brad Whitford) has been a guitarist fixture in the Atlanta music scene for decades. Tim was guitarist in the Multi hit Southern Rock band "The Outlaws" in the 90's, in demand session guitarist, & has been playing & singing in bands all over the United States & Internationally since the late 80's.

Bassist- Chase Brown (aka Tom Hamilton) is the most recent addition to the Pandora's Box family. While Chase is the youngest member (20 yrs junior to the rest) he has an "Old Soul" when it comes to music. Chase has been performing in bands for paying jobs since he was 13 years old & by the time he was at the ripe old age of 19 or 20 was an in demand integral member of several top Atlanta original & tribute bands including the 2021 album release by "The Ceo's" featuring Vince Hornsby of Sevendust.

Steve Tyler and Joe Perry Pandora's Box Tribute Band
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